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Release of Original Book in 2014/Awarded REX Karamveer Award 2014
L-R: Ms. Amala Akkineni,Actress & Founder of Blue Cross of Hyderabad; Ms Abha M Banerjee,Author, Nucleus: Power Women-Lead from the Core;
Ms Meenu Chopra, Executive Founder Director;
iCongo; Mr. Sunil Robert ,Author and
Mr.Jeroninio Almeita,Founder of iCongo

Awarded REX Karamveer Award 2014

New Delhi  Mar 1st 2014(Eddie Patel): India’s first internationally acclaimed motivational speaker has launched her first book-Nucleus: Power Women-Lead from the core in REX- Ideas for Action CONCLiVE  at  Jesus and Mary College Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

Ms Abha Maryada Banarjee is also awarded with the prestigious “Karamveer Chakra” at the Karmaveer Chakra Ceremony. The ‘REX Karamveer Annual Award’ is designed for people with exceptional array of talent and resources and for  ‘Unsung Heroes’ who have been doing exemplary work for the society to people who have innovative ideas which may make a difference to the world.

Mentioning the exclusivity of the book,
Ms Banerjee said,“As a People’s Development person and being a woman, it has always been my desire to cause an upward shifting the lives of women and children. The first of its kind Book in the World for its Iconoclast connections, solutions and visions for women, this book aims to be the catalyst in human thought development and a Lifestyle transformation Book for women. With its verbal and path-breaking thought capacity to drive a social shift, this is the first book out of India or Asia on leadership for women generally or at the workplace, first in the minds of women and then in the social context.Designed and complied as a complete solutions book that covers, personal, impersonal and social aspects to leadership and growth, it becomes lifetime personal development companion and a regular reference book for the reader. With simple illustrations, DIY exercises and solutions put together in the same place, NUCLEUS is a 544 page Super Manual, which is as conversational and interactive, as much as it is fun.”

Abha is the REX Global Fellow 2014 for her exceptional contribution to the field of motivation and people building.Ideas breathe life in us.  REX- Ideas for Action CONCLiVE, created in 2006 is the mother of all knowledge and CULTUREtainment events in this part of the world and also the most pioneering ideas for action and wisdom forum promoted by all sectors and people who want to lead change. REX Conclive is an initiative that inspires the golden actions of leaders and is backed by one seed of a simple idea. Established on three pillars, it promotes RIGHT EVERY WRONG ACTIONS, EMPOWERING & ENTERTAINING IDEAS AND SOCIAL INNOVATIONS & ENTREPRENEURS.

The Author:

Abha Maryada Banerjee is India’s first woman motivational speaker of international acclaim, rated as one of the Top Ten Life, Business and Success Coaches in Asia Pacific. An expert at Leadership, Human Peak Performance and Emotional Intelligence, Abha has been the Peak Performance/Mental Strength Coach for Indian Olympic Athletes.Having spoken at prestigious forums across Asia, she has coached and consulted top CEOs, Media personalities, Sports Stars, Business people, leaders in the making and has been closely associated with the spiritual aspect of Leadership as well. Called ‘Asian Oprah’ and the ‘Asian Woman Motivator’, she professes ‘Personal Mastery’ for individuals and ‘Emotional Fitness‘ for Corporates’ and Entrepreneurs for achieving human capital excellence.


The Book:

NUCLEUS: Power Women- Lead from the Core is the first book of its kind on Leadership and Growth for Women, the first Leadership book coming out of India and Asia. Written by India’s first internationally acclaimed Woman Motivational Speaker, Leadership Speaker Peak Performance and Mental Strength Coach for Indian Olympians for 2013 London Olympics who is an ex lawyer turned Personal Development and Leadership expert. The Book is a 480 Page Super Manual and a personal growth companion for Women Leaders, leaders in the making, working women and young women in general. With iconoclast solutions from the field of law, leadership and personal development, the book introduces ground breaking solutions for issues related to gender and how to become a Leader in the gender infested environment.

Published in the UK, it is also the first of its kind in the World for its iconoclast and pioneering thought connections, vision for women and its capacity to drive a social shift. It covers personal, impersonal and social aspects to Leadership and Growth. Conversational, interactive, hands on DIY exercises to have fun while you learn.

The book is depicts the present issues concerning women that India, Delhi Mumbai is seeing regarding violence against women.


Women’s Leadership is a ‘Vision-Thought’ to be embraced, claimed and internalized by women! NUCLEUS will help you bounce out of out of gender driven limitations and dive into the mental-emotional state of ‘Zero Limitation’©. Each diminutive anti- growth thought will dissipate and all potential drain on your growth will banish. Just like slight ‘seismic shifts’ cause Earthquakes, minor ‘thought shifts‘ are capable of life changing Mind Quakes’©! Re-orchestrate thoughts, cause minor and major mind quakes, and drive the ‘shifts’, for we are in the process of building POWER WOMEN WHO WILL LEAD! Women who will make the DENT!

Let us together deal with the ‘truth in vogue’ and customize the truth that works for us. As we learn how to strike the balance, the best of us must become the rest of us! No underplaying ourselves, no unfairness and no excesses, we will cause an intervention in our lives as Leaders because our lives are invaluable and in that circumstance, gender is irrelevant.

Fall in love with your self, get closer to yourself and stop being an outsider in the World. We cannot be closed to the World emotionally and psychologically if we have to lead ourselves in this World. Talk with the Book, have conversations, see what you can gather in your circumstance, grab it and change your experience. This is the Lifestyle change opportunity, thought change opportunity and this is your moment of elevation, excellence and extraordinary achievement.

‘The World is changing and the NUCLEUS woman is on the transition team.’

‘We are all the questions, we are the answers and everything in between’

‘To make a difference in the quality of life, we have to make the difference in the quality of our experience.’

For living accept things, for growth question the status quo’

FROM ‘STATUS QUO’ WE WILL MOVE AHEAD TO DEFINE ‘STATUS NUO’ ©! I am challenging the status quo in your mind and it all starts with a question, do you desire to be a Leader of your life and if the answer is YES, Nucleus will be your lifetime companion.


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