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Abha’s Global Ventures and Success India Mastery Academy consults on the Emotional Fitness of the Corporates, their employees, partners and customers.There is a visible and emerging need for retaining and supporting talent in this highly competitive business environment , for which emotional fitness of the Corporate plays a very significant role. We consult on how simple tools can be incorporated in the day to day working of the Companies to benefit, employees, partners and customers alike.

• Emotional Quotient ,Corporate Productivity, Talent Retention
• Business Costs of Emotional Illiteracy-The Missing Ingredient
• Create ‘Dream Teams’ to extract turnaround performances
• Emotional Intelligence and Customer Loyalty
• How to synergize personal traits to suit the organizational need
• Creative and Spiritual Leadership
• Innovate your Workforce to Excellence
• Emotional Fitness for Corporates
• Managing and Leading Change
• Peak Performance from Sports Psychology

Emotions matter. According to a mounting body of evidence, feelings and emotions play a very crucial role in human performance and in turn organizational performance. They are the most powerful resource we have, for self-awareness and self-preservation. In the organizational set up, optimal use of individual and collective emotions towards achieving the organizational goals is crucial. The knowledge and practice of EI teaches us about people, values, activities and needs that lend us motivation, zeal, self-control and persistence. This awareness helps us build relationships, achieve goals, build human capital and understand success.


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