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NUCLEUS©™ Leadership Getaway, Bali, Indonesia /Mumbai, India/ London, UK/ New York City/USA

(Master Mind Group Opportunity- This Workshop is conducted in a brainstorming set up that allows creation of Master Mind groups of Leaders from across the Globe)
An Intensive three day getaway for Leaders in the making, Women Leaders and top executives. Here, ‘Leaders Extraordinaire’ are discovered, born and created! WHO you are affects the WHAT you do. It is two of you, the noun and the verb of a Leader
Step into an environment of challenges, personal discoveries, massive action and gear yourself for enhanced awareness into the world of Leadership. Create value for others while you achieve your biggest goals. Step Up to experience the stretch, discover your own strengths, develop influence and impress yourself with your own new identity.
Step out exuding Leadership from every pore of your body as the Change Agent and an Emotional Powerhouse with the resolve to inspire people and empowering others to transform their lives. Take ownership of your Vision and achieve extraordinary milestones. Commit and transform into Leader Extraordinaire ©
The above Workshop is also conducted exclusively for Women Leaders and leaders in the making where aspects of Femininity, Ground issues, Women-centric leadership solutions are also shared.


THE NOUN AND VERB OF A LEADER: The Leadership Repertoire

Discover if you have what it takes to be a Leader extraordinaire! WHO you are affects the WHAT you do and the two of you make it extraordinary. Step Up to experience the stretch, discover your own strengths, develop influence and impress yourself with your OWN new identity. Being an agent of change by owning a vision is the VERB!
Is it possible to transform people’s talent, training and experience into GREAT WORK?
Can performance be taught, learnt and made exceptional?
When the stakes are high, performances make all the difference! Acquiring psychological edge is an irresistible metaphor amongst business communities. The Noun and Verb of a Leader is capable of that edge!


A away from home opportunity probably in the woods, to delve into the spiritual aspects of the Workplace, people, emotional aspects of Leadership and Emotional Fitness for Corporates. Is there a Spiritual Emotional connect within the Workplace, can it become a competence to acquire?

Plato said 200 years ago.. “All learning has an emotional base.” In today’s workplace, huge premium is placed on human value and the unique contribution it brings to the table. Let us call it the ‘portable emotional skills and competencies’, the mantra for exceptional performance. These skills are twice as important than intellect and expertise.
Emotional Fitness is the key to successful leadership, exceptional team performance and customer delight. An invaluable RESOURCE in social and work settings albeit an underutilized one. An optimal mix of individual and organizational emotion can be called Emotional Fitness. Understanding how emotions lead people’s actions, their motivations, their zeal and their needs can be the biggest edge in an organizational setting. The EQ tools and strategies guarantee improved results, higher achievement and fulfilling relationships.
EQ flows through the most important needs for creating ORGANIZATIONAL IMPACT, improved performance, superb team dynamics and a happy customer. Is it imperative then to increase the ‘emotional fitness’ of your company?

SUCCESS INDIA ©™ and NUCLEUS ©™ Speaker’s Boot Camp

Leader – The Speaker

You are what you speak, your words convey your person and your vision. The Spoken word has utmost significance for a Leader and his influence. Master the art of Influence via the spoken word.
A three day Boot Camp only for Leaders/CEO’s/ COO’s/Top Executives


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