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Thought Leader, Humanist, Motivational Visionary, Leadership Speaker, Iconoclast, Pioneer, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Growth Activist, Growth Addict, Quasi -Mentalist, Thought Innovator, Expressionist, Maverick, Lawyer, Humorist, Actor, Poet , Perfectly Imperfect

About Abha's Global Ventures

SUCCESS INDIA is an initiative into 'holistic success, growth and development of the people's potential for business and for self' through personal growth education, motivational seminars and workshops, training interventions and entertainment.

With growing needs to have TALENT MANAGEMENT STRATEGY in this competitive business environment, to match up to the best in the World, it has become a challenge to bridge the human resource gap in terms of capabilities, retention and deployment.

With a vision to 'empower mindsets' and 'celebrate human possibilites' Success India Mastery Academy, offers powerful solutions for extraordinary personal and business excellence as their key offerings, create human and potential development systems, talent management strategies, World Class Executive Coaching, Performance Coaching, Skills development and targeted development interventions....read more >>


  • Are you being too nice?
    What happens when someone tells you they like what you are wearing? Do you say, “Oh this old thing?” What about when someone compliments


  • Abha Banerjee’s New Blog Challenges Leaders To Think Of ‘Being Nice’ In A New Light
    Abha Banerjee, motivational speaker, peak performance coach, and published author, inspires leaders and CEO’s to believe in their own abilities by agreeing with the results of their work. Mumbai, India  – July 27, 2014 – Abha Banerjee, published author and internationally known motivational speaker, published a new blog encouraging leaders to build confidence by taking

Smart Business needs a Business PLAN

Turnaround Your Mind to Turnaround Your Life